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NOW 17

Released 23rd April 1990


NOW 17

Released 23rd April 1990


  1. Blue Savannah


  2. Better World

    The Rebel MC

  3. Opposites Attract

    Paula Abdul

  4. Dub Be Good To Me

    Beats International feat. Lindy Layton

  5. Kingston Town


  6. Strawberry Fields Forever

    Candy Flip

  7. I Don't Wanna Lose You

    Tina Turner

  8. I Wish It Would Rain Down

    Phil Collins

  9. Step On

    Happy Mondays

  10. Loaded

    Primal Scream

  11. Enjoy The Silence

    Depeche Mode

  12. Real Real Real

    Jesus Jones

  13. This Is How It Feels

    Inspiral Carpets

  14. Shine On

    House Of Love

  15. From Out Of Nowhere

    Faith No More

  16. Hey You (Live)

    The Quireboys

  17. This Beat Is Technotronic

    Technotronic featuring MC Eric

  18. Happenin' All Over Again

    Lonnie Gordon

  19. Don't You Love Me

    The 49ers

  20. Read My Lips (Enough Is Enough)

    Jimmy Somerville

  21. Stronger Than That

    Cliff Richard

  22. Another Day In Paradise

    Jam Tronik

  23. Moments In Soul

    J T & The Big Family

  24. Got To Have Your Love

    Mantronix Featuring Wondress

  25. Don't Stop The Partyline

    Bizz Nizz

  26. Everything Starts With An 'E'

    E-Zee Possee

  27. Put Your Hands Together

    D-Mob & Nuff Juice

  28. Killer

    Adamski Featuring Seal

  29. Chime


  30. Tomorrow

    Tongue N Cheek

  31. Talking With Myself

    Electribe 101

  32. I'd Rather Go Blind

    Sydney Youngblood

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